Quench Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray (Peppermint)

Quench Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray (Peppermint)

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This is formula has 70% isopropyl alcohol.


CDC recommends 60% and above to kill germs and viruses and prevent the spread of viruses. 


This can be used on hands and hard surfaces. 


Made with ZERO fragrance and only therapeutic grade essential oils. 


Packaged in an amber glass bottle to protect the integrity of the ingredients by minimizing UV exposure. 


Ingredients: isopropyl alcohol, pure aloe vera,  and essential oils 




Shake well before use and spray directly on hands to saturate. Use enough to take 20 seconds or more to dry. 


Spray directly on hard surfaces: countertops, shopping carts, electronics, door knobs, etc. 


WARNING: For external use ONLY. Please keep out of reach of children. Use a test patch to test for skin sensitivities.


We recommend you continue to always practice quality with warm water and soap. This spray is intended to help compliment current efforts on maintaining good hygiene. 



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    Ingredients: isopropyl alcohol, pure aloe vera, and essential oils 

    Package: Amber Glass - Spray Bottle

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