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Quarantine 15 got you down? BREAK THE CYCLE!


It has happened to the best of us. Trust me I know...

Have you put on a few pounds during the pandemic? You’re not alone.

A recent survey from the U.K. showed that more than half of people have had a hard time managing their weight during the quarantine earlier this year.

The researchers of the study found that the weight spiral resulted from four main reasons: difficulty finding healthy foods at stores, increased snacking while bored, eating in response to higher levels of stress and anxiety, and less time spent exercising.

We have been going through this cycle for the last 8-9 months!! Then put on top of that home virtual school, weddings being rescheduled, our routines are completely disrupted.


The first step in resolving an issue of concern is acknowledging that you have an issue that needs addressing.

The next 3 steps are intended to help you.. BREAK THE CYCLE!

Tip 1:

Drink more water! Because we are sedentary for most of the day we are not drinking as much as we should. Today, no.. seriously.. right now.. GO and get your water bottle and fill it up! Get to sippin'..

Tip 2:

GET MOVING! We are spending HOURS sitting with the kids during virtual school, sitting at the lacrosse practices, or sitting at the desk dying from the boredom of ZOOM meetings. Let me encourage you to take a small walk to the end of your driveway or to your mailbox or even around the parameter of your house during your next break.

Tip 3:

Go to bed earlier (if you can). We all want to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet of a still house when the kids and dogs go down for the night. However, we aren't cognizant of how IMPORTANT a good night's rest is. So, give yourself 20-30 to catch your breath this week after the house is still. Shower and GO TO BED!

These are my "3 TIPS TO BREAK THE CYCLE"! I hope they help someone!

~Be Well~

Nurse Marsha

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